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Our Bird House (Premises)

In order to produce/have good quality of bird’s nest, the locations of our premises are located in a good environment. The location selected for premises is preferred on the nature of the rural and suburban forests. The premises are not suggested to be built at polluted area such as industrial and urban area. In addition, our premises are managed by a team of people who are experienced and skillful; besides that, the health and epidemic bacteria test for our premises have been undertaken by DVS (Department Of Veterinary Services) regularly to ensure that swiftlets are living in the premises where is clean, healthy, safety and comfortable.


中国人食用燕窝的历史可追溯至唐代,燕窝当时已经是朝廷的『贡品』。 燕窝是文化的传承,集中国四大传统滋补佳品之首,稀世名药,东方珍品等盛誉于一身,全球华人共识的顶级滋补食材。同时,也是分享幸福,表达孝心,爱心,友情的健康礼品首选。(中国的四大传统补品:燕窝、人参,鲍鱼及鱼翅。)

Edible Bird’s Nest Processing Plant

We have set up an EBN processing plant, named as STEADY FARM SDN. BHD. The“Skim Keselamatan Makanan 1Malaysia” (SK1M) issued by MOH (Ministry Of Health Malaysia) is used as a guide for our EBN processing plant for compliance to the requirement for implementation of food safety assurance programme.At the same time, we have trained a group of staffs who are skillful and concerned on the hygiene to carry the EBN processing work. All the harvested raw-unclean edible bird’s nests are being processed in the clean environment, traditional and health method: pure hand-pick the feather with no bleaching, preservatives and artificial coloring added.In order to ensure the quality and purity of the bird’s nest, a strict processing system is implemented.


我们设立的燕窝加工厂,名为世得利燕窝加工有限公司。燕窝加工厂是以我国卫生部的基本食品安全及卫生指南(SK1M) 进行作业。同时,我们也培训了一班有技术及注重卫生的员工们来进行燕窝加工的工作。所有采集后的燕窝都在卫生,纯手工挑毛,健康(无添加漂白剂,防腐剂及人造色素)及整洁的环境下进行加工。严格的燕窝加工过程保证燕窝的品质和纯净。