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History of bird’s nest

The history of edible bird’s nest has been taken by Chinese can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, the bird’s nest was a “tribute” of the court. Bird’s nest is the cultural heritage, which is the top-nourishing ingredients among the four traditional tonic. Normally, the bird’s nest is treated as a healthy gift, to share the happiness, expression of filial piety, love and friendship. (China's four traditional tonic: bird's nest, ginseng, abalone and shark's fin.)

中国人食用燕窝的历史可追溯至唐代,燕窝当时已经是朝廷的『贡品』。 燕窝是文化的传承,集中国四大传统滋补佳品之首,稀世名药,东方珍品等盛誉于一身,全球华人共识的顶级滋补食材。同时,也是分享幸福,表达孝心,爱心,友情的健康礼品首选。(中国的四大传统补品:燕窝、人参,鲍鱼及鱼翅。)

Bird’s nest is condensed mixed with saliva, feathers and impurities. Swiftlets and ordinary home swallows are not the same, relatively small size, wing is long and sharp, short-tail, thin feet, their skill of flying is very strong, they don’t walking or standing, they seem to bat as hooking to rest or sleep, they use very well developed salivary glands secrete saliva condenses into a solid in the air.

中国人食用燕窝的历史可追溯至唐代,燕窝当时已经是朝廷的『贡品』。 燕窝是文化的传承,集中国四大传统滋补佳品之首,稀世名药,东方珍品等盛誉于一身,全球华人共识的顶级滋补食材。同时,也是分享幸福,表达孝心,爱心,友情的健康礼品首选。(中国的四大传统补品:燕窝、人参,鲍鱼及鱼翅。)

The swiftlet constructs their nest three times in a year, the purpose of constructing the nest is to lay eggs and greet the arrival of the little life. They take about 45 days to build the nest, 7 to10 days to lay eggs, taking around 15days to incubate the eggs, the little swiftlet will fly away in 45 to 50 days. The period of the process is around 110 days to 120 days, the nest will be harvested after the little swiftlet fly away, and the life-span for the swiftlet is 15 to 20 years.


The origin of the bird’s nest is at Southeast Asia, likes Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and others; According to the statistics, Indonesia is the highest yield accounted for 80% to 85% of the bird’s nest market.


Natural pure edible bird’s nest is rich in nutrients, for those people who are concerned about the beauty and health, pregnant women, children, the elderly, long-term enjoy with small amount will get the good results.