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Steady Farm Sdn. Bhd was established in 2009. Our company is a Malaysia bird’s nest corporation that integrates the complete chain of bird’s nest ranching, processing, research & development and sales distribution. Our company and Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) processing plant are located at Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

In addition to the process and sale of high quality edible bird’s nest, we also have provided professional services to bird’s nest traders including bird’s nest processing and quality checking.

Leong Bird’s Nest is our own house brand. From swiftlet ranching, harvesting, cleaning and processing, sterilization, quality checking, packing and storing are professionally processed. The local knowledge of the bird’s nest combined with the expertise of processing offers a good and healthy raw edible bird’s nest products to meet the customer expectations and needs.


世得利燕窝加工有限公司于2009年4月创立。本公司是马来西亚一家集生产,加工,研发至零售及批发的燕窝企业。我们公司位于马来西亚雪兰莪州瓜雪区,除了生产及销售高品质的天然燕窝外,我们还为燕窝商提供专业的燕窝加工服务。《良燕窝》 是世得利燕窝加工有限公司创立的自家品牌,从培育,摘集,清洗加工,杀菌,包装与保存都经过专业处理,以专业的燕窝加工知识与技术,提供出良好品质、健康的燕窝产品,以符合客户的期望和需求。


  • To provide bird’ nest processing service and relevant knowledge to our customer. The raw unclean edible bird’s nest are processed into a variety of products such as: Yan Zhan, Yan Tiao, Yan Bing, Yan San and etc.
  • Sale and wholesale raw unclean bird's nest and various kinds of raw clean edible bird’s nest processed products.


  • 为客户提供燕窝加工服务与知识,将未清洗的燕窝洗净并加工成各式各样的产品如:燕盏,燕条,燕饼与燕散等。
  • 出售及批发未清洗的燕窝与加工成的各种燕窝产品。

  • Vision愿景

    To help and assist customer getting wealth and health


  • Mission使命

    To provide the professional service and best quality products at a reasonable price


  • Value价值观念

    Integrity, Commitment, Passion